Fabricut, Inc.

April 15, 2019


Dear Customer:

I hope this letter finds you and everyone in your world well, and I also hope that you are enjoying a good spring season. I write you today about a challenging issue that faces our industry, that of the over-abundance, free provision, and free shipping of sample materials.

Fabricut and its family of brands are in the business of providing the interior design trade with the sample tools necessary to make a difference and generate profitable home furnishing sales. It is our intention to continue to do so. Over the last 10 years, the requests for free memo samples has escalated to an unprecedented level each day. It is our intention to continue to provide our customers this service, given reasonable levels of request and moderate levels of volume. Often, the value of the memos requested plus the shipping costs exceed the business volume of that customer. This is not a situation we want to perpetuate.

We will continue to provide the tools of the trade, sample books and memos, free of charge, unless otherwise purchased by you through a purchase program.

We will continue to provide free shipping of sample books and materials, given reasonable levels of volume and unless expedited service is requested.

Memo Shipping Update
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However, if the business volume between us is too low on a calendar year basis to justify free shipping of sample books and memos, there will be a nominal shipping charge for shipment of same (please see attached chart). This only reflects our interest in a fair exchange of support for you our customer, and us as your supplier.

Fabricut continues to desire to be your supplier of choice throughout all of our brands, and earn your loyalty through excellent design and service, increased commerce, and the free shipping of all materials.


David Finer
David Finer's Signature
CEO, Fabricut, Inc.